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    professional oral care


Dental water flosser, chargeable, waterproof, Detachable & Expandable 350ml water tank

4 tips : regular, tongue, periodontal & orthodontic.

Type-C charger with travel bag.


Clean tooth upgrade


It takes one flush with ORAL-PRO-ULTRA to clean deep into the deep dead corners that cannot be reached by dental floss, toothbrush or toothpick.

Giving a great sensation of cleanness and fresh breath, ORAL-PRO-ULTRA is a solution to several oral care problems such as bad breath, tooth decay, dental plaque, tooth implant, bleeding gum, surgery, tooth stain and orthodontics. It's highly recommended in maintaining crowns, veneers and dental implants.

Using Guide

1-Start up: Make sure the product is fully charged before the first use.

Press the On/Off Button first, then press mode button to select working mode.

2-Filling the water tank: Open the water inlet of the water tank. Fill the water tank with water, close the inlet window and press tightly.

(Tip: The water tank is detachable and can be removed for water injection, it should not be started and used during filling)

3-Install/Replace the jet tip: Insert the jet tip into the jet seat in the middle of the water flosser’s top head. To replace or remove the jet tip, press the Jet Tip Lock/Unlock Button.

4-Select the working mode: when using it for the first time, press the mode button on the handle to select the appropriate cleaning mode. You can also choose the cleaning mode according to professional dentist’s guidance.

*Normal Mode: standard cleaning mode, it can effectively remove the food residue in the gap of the teeth, deeply clean teeth and freshen the mouth.

*Soft Mode: gentle massage to gums.

*Pulse Mode: pulse massage to gums, promote blood circulation.

*DIY Mode: users can customize the cleaning intensity according to personal preference and set various cleaning strengths within the range.

 Special Tips

*Check Battery Power Volume: when the product is at standy status, long press Mode Button to enter power volume display.

     1- If it’s more than 75% power, 4 mode lights will be on.

     2- if it’s between 50%-75% power, 3 mode lights on.

     3- if it’s between 25%-50% power, 2 mode lights on.

     4- if it’s below 25% power, the DIY mode light on.

*DIY Mode Setting: when switching to the 4th DIY working mode, the device will start working with the last use of the 4th mode status. In the DIY Mode working status, long press ON/OFF Button again, the working status will raise from the lowest water pressure to the highest water pressure and stay at the highest water pressure mode temporarily, it will circulate according to this mode. Release the ON/OFF Button to select the working state of this point in the section (new status is set), and the system will keep the new status to work.


4 tips: regular, tongue, periodontal & orthodontic.

Waterproof design of the charging port, IPX7 waterproof shower.

Washer design, perfectly sealed, easy to open without leaking.

360 degree rotating nozzle, more convenient to use.

350ml detachable and expandable water tank.

2 nozzles for several family members to use.

Type-C Charging port, 4h charging lasts 45m use.

Auto off after 2 minutes.

Travel bag.

Low noise and safety lock.


Product’s Parameter

Product name

Oral Pro Ultra

Charge time


Working time


Water tank


Rated voltage


Pressure Range






Net Weight


Gross Weight



White, Black



Signee orn
Signee orn
Wednesday 25th of January 2023
In celebration of it's 7th anniversary, Signee has launched two new brands "Oral-Pro" & "Spokar". Thank you for all who celebrated with us, and thank you for all who supported us, and still doing throughout the 7 years. We look forward to serve our community over and over again.   Special thanks to: Minister of Labor and Social Affairs مصطفى بيرم Dentists' Syndicate in Lebanon...